Teams have now formed for the Fall 2009 Cogswell/SJSU Collaborative Game Development Challenge. The team I'm working on is completely full at 5 people. We have two programmers (myself and Don), two artists/designers (Cindy and Kevin), and a sound tech (Euclid).

We will be developing a game, which has yet to be named or determined, on one or more of the themes: 4th Wall, Building, Coloring, or Gravity. We have yet to decide what theme we're going to develop on, though we have ideas brewing. I'm pulling for planet-building in a gravity-driven solar-system. I like hyphens, what can I say?

I will be acting as lead programmer, and Cindy will likely be acting as lead artist. The others will be invaluable to develop things while we're swamped; I will likely have to translate code from java to c++, though Don mentioned doing his programming in c, which would make it easier as the code could be pretty much used as-is.

So far, I have some SDL scaffold code adopted from my previous game. This is okay because I own the copyright to all of that, so I can use it in a proprietary product if I so choose; we are not sharing our work at least until the end of the competition, as that would give an unfair advantage to the competitors. IIRC, sdl is LGPL, so I can link to it if I do it dynamically.

I am currently in the process of designing a wiki for the project. Watch ?fall09challenge for more information on the project.

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